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Some of you are already aware that English is a ‘man’s’ language because it contains thousands of words that prefer men.

We like men; we also believe it’s time for the world’s most commonly used language to have some words for those of us who aren’t men, and we’ve come up with a simple way to do that.
We hope you’ll join us on our amazing journey to make English inclusive.



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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

After 20 years in process, author, linguist Vivian Probst is celebrating the early February release of "Dissolving Her Despair," Book One of her thrilling new five-book series, "The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was."

In Book One, Probst focuses on a brilliantly successful bank president who can manage other peoples’ finances but not her own. Deeply in debt, Avery Victoria Spencer faces public humiliation if her secret is discovered.

Wrestling with despair and desperation, she falls asleep hoping for a solution. Miraculously, she awakes chained in a medieval dungeon where magical beings are ready to help if she’s willing to accept their messages.

Probst explains, “Avery learns that her issue is not with money, but actually something far more important.”


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Per Pre-Greatitude...

(By the way, in my work with English, I spell it GREATitude because I believe ‘GREAT’ is more uplifting than ‘GRAT’.)

Pre-greatitude is being thankful for something before it’s real. Yes, it’s an old concept but somehow easy to forget.

Every morning I complete a list of 10 things I’m greatful for that occurred already. It struck me today, what if I give thanks for something that hasn’t occurred yet as well? I’m going to try it and see what results I get…

Be sure to mark your calendars for August 18th, the 100th anniversary of our right to vote. Do something to celebrate because we came so close to never having it. To celebrate, I’m releasing Book One of a (currently) five-volume series titled, ‘Tha Womun Who Forgot Who She Was’. If you think I’ve spelled tha first two words incorrectly, you don’t know about ‘WEnglish’ my tribute to our 100th anniversary and a way to create a more gender-balanced and respectful language.

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Oh, la, la! What a difference YOU make to life!

Vivian Probst

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