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Book One


Bank president Avery Victoria Spencer fought long and hard to land hir seat as the first Womun president of tha local bank in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and shi intends to keep it. Hir ability to transform financial disasters into profitable enterprises is legend; hir glamorous life the envy of those who admire hir, and those who don’t.

Hir successful life is a mirage. In debt up to hir auburn-dyed hair roots, Avery has no idea that hir need to spend more than shi earns lies hidden in a devastating trauma from twenty years earlier, carefully guarded by retrograde amnesia.

With bankruptcy and public disgrace looming on her horizon, Avery takes a dream journey into a medieval dungeon where shi learns that hir real issue is not with money. Three wise beings give hir clues as she begins to piece hir life back together. Will it be in time to prevent society columnist Millie St. James from ruining Avery’s stellar reputation?

What about her forgotten husband, George, who returns from London to Waukesha, hoping Avery will fall in love with him again?

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Book Two


Book Two of The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was finds Avery Victoria Spencer returned from hir first inner journey in glorious triumph.  Hir despair has vanished—hir incredible debts are magically resolved. Avery is beginning to see hirself in a new light—and shi feels drawn toward George Logan without knowing why; except that he’s British, handsome, and seems to know hir design preferences intimately.

But something else has changed that feels wrong. Instead of being more energized and enthusiastic, Avery is stunned that hir once relentless energy has evaporated. Shi's more intuitive and a better bank president, but shi doesn’t care about previously important activities, including hir upcoming charitable winter gala.


Everyone who’s anyone in Waukesha is waiting for invites to hir now-renowned party, including society columnist Millie St. James who is tracking Avery’s every move, and suspects George Logan’s arrival is not as serendipitous as it appears.

Believing her energy was accidentally left behind on hir first journey, Avery asks to return to hir inner world. Back in a castle with hir beloved candle, shi's shocked by how different everything feels—almost sinister. Instead of singing torches, skeletal soldiers hail her as ‘Great One.’  Instead of a dungeon, shi’s trapped in a throne room; instead of regal décor, a grotesque tapestry beckons hir.

 Avery’s second adventure will make hir wonder why shi returned. Yet, as shi braves what confronts hir, shi begins to see how deeply unworthy shi has felt all hir life. Shi will come to a pinnacle from which shi must decide hir fate.  As hir candle melts and falls from hir hand, Avery must decide what to do. Will shi dance with hir nemesis forever, or let herself follow hir candle into something shi has never known, and uncover more about who shi really is? 

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Book Three


Torn apart by grief and outrage, Avery can't get out of bed, much less go to work. A three-month leave of absence is arranged as Avery goes through what is rumored among social circles to be a 'mid-life crisis,' a.k.a. 'second Saturn return,' a.k.a. 'Dark Night of the Soul.' Whatever it's called, Avery stubbornly refuses to request any assistance from hir inner realm, where powerful forces are still at work. Instead, shi clutches hir bed sheets refusing to embrace who shi is becoming. But life has a work-around.

Avery's third journey begins in a very small cave, surrounded by shadows of grieving and fearful womun who comfort hir, until an intimidating and angry mountain threatens to turn hir to shadow as well, if shi refuses to face hir rage. It could be Avery's last chance to become real. Shi must complete hir course, no matter how terrifying. Every irritation, every morsel of disquiet, every piece of unresolved bitterness shows up on hir mountain trek—not for hir to battle, but for hir to love and embrace. Underneath her rageaholic tendencies shi will find hir full and real self—which includes both hir masculine and feminine energies. It's called wholeness.  

Avery has never been a champion of femininity ('wimpy womin' is how she refers to those of her own gender) and is obviously uncomfortable with hir own sexuality. As shi faces hir mountain, shi encounters an enormous serpent, claiming to be from the Garden of Eden. Terrified of snakes, Avery would run away if shi could, but their meeting occurs on a narrow mountain ledge about 11,000 feet above sea level. There is no escape. At least, both shi and hir slithering guide like cigars.
It's that last piece—love—that Avery needs before shi can return to hir life and face everything she had chosen to forget. If shi can do that, shi will be strong enough to move into full acceptance of who shi really is, restoring hirself from a heart-breaking past and stepping into true love. For without love, all is lost.
The thing about buried trauma is that it doesn't stay buried; Life wakes it up. the Woman Who Forgot Who Shi was is a fable of a woman with a forgotten past, facing hir inner-world forces to restore hir true wholeness. Set in the uniquely historical city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, is an intimate five-book series of stories that brought this author to an authentic life. Welcome to Book Three: The Woman Who Found hir Fire.

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Book Two

(Tha Womun Who Fell Out of Fear)

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Book Four

George and Avery travel to London; Avery has agreed to take on the Logan family’s financial challenges where resources are dwindling and no one knows what to do about it. While there Avery discovers an ancient Logan family Bible, suggesting that George is already married. An old photograph reminds Avery who his wife is, and launches hir into remembering hir own tragic past. Stunned, horrified, and guilt-ridden, Avery wanders the rain-soaked streets of London until, blinded by hir umbrella, shi steps in front of a moving vehicle–and ends up on life support. 


Now Avery must choose whether to live or die and death is tempting. Could it be the solution to end hir awful memories? Can shi get a ‘do-over’ in the next life?


Avery encounters both the zany Angel of Life and the elegant Angel of Death who provide insights, but shi’ll have to  decide hir own fate, because God tells hir, shi can die if she wants to…it’s up to hir. But there are caveats.


One thing is for sure: if Avery chooses to die, George won’t live without hir. Not any longer. Whither thou goest…

Coming soon!

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