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New From Vivian Probst

In 2008, Vivian Probst discovered a simple but subversive code in English that was so visibly against women, that she spent fifteen years researching how to fix it before releasing her theory in her book 'Breaking The Bias of English'.

This is her story–a rediscovery of how much English prefers men; of how those of us who aren't men are disempowered by English, and most importantly, how to reclaim our voices with only six minor word changes:  

The; She; Her, Woman, Women, and They are the six words. Watch how these change and open doors to words for us! Join Probst as she corrals an entire language, transforming the 'he' power of English into 'we' power.

Welcome to 'WEnglish for Equality'.


written in WEnglish

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written in English

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