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“…valuable to people who feel like they are stuck in their marriage or in any relationship for that matter.”

Lynda Schultz, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Once upon a time there was a woman who left her first marriage (and an entire way of life) because she had to. She almost left her second marriage many times for a very different reason.

It’s not like Vivian Probst was alone as she vacillated. 72% of women think of leaving their marriages; 50% of first marriages end and almost 70% of second marriages fail. She couldn’t decide to stay (YO); but she couldn’t decide to leave either; so she did both (YO-YO).

Vivian knew her second husband wasn’t going to change (damn it) and she had no intention of yo-yoing for the rest of her life; a second divorce appeared imminent. A final incident sent Vivian down the hallway to pack and leave for the last time.

Except that even before she could get her suitcase opened, Life stopped Vivian with the stunning revelation she calls THIS One Thing that Changed Everything (aka THIS).

Vivian went on to write the award-winning novel, ‘Death by Roses’, a romantic comedy that has been called ‘A Love Story for the Ages’ by Foreword magazine. 


She continues to practice THIS with amazing results, not just for her marriage, but for her life.

If you’ve ever thought about leaving your marriage and/or your way of life or if you’ve left and if your heart is like a yo-yo and you can’t decide what to do, consider THIS before taking another step!


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