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If you read something written in WEnglish you might not notice that it’s different.


Do words contain power?

Can simple changes that give wimin their own words enhance equality?


Vivian honors both men and wiimin by her work with WEnglish.

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What is WEnglish?


WEnglish is a form of speaking and writing created to balance English and bring respect and inclusiveness to all.

English is a highly-masculine language and generally discredits or ignores what Vivian refers to as ‘That Which Is Not Male’ (TWINM).


She seeks to restore honor and dignity for all which she calls WEquality™.

How is WEnglish different from English?

WEnglish uses three primary methods to transform English into an inclusive language.



All English words that refer to a specific gender continue. Therefore, anyone who is considered by gender to be a man is still identified as man; he; him; his, etc. Anyone who is not a man by gender definition(TWINM), is freed from masculine reference.

Most other languages already allow that sex separation and have done so been for centuries. Isn’t it time the English language allowed TWINM to enjoy their own word identity?

Beyond specific gender, any words (nouns, adjectives, etc.) that spell or sound like ‘he’, ‘him’ ‘his’, ‘man’ ‘men’ without a TWINM equivalent simply are not used and are replaced with other words.

Examples: He-al

Words that appear derogatory to TWINM are also not used.

Examples: Mis-take, -appropriate, -adventure, -behave, -calculate, etc. ‘Ev-il’

English grammar uses three articles:  a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’. ‘The’ is our most common word and it’s spelling

‘t-h-e’ is masculine because of the ‘he’.

WEnglish changes that by following how we use ‘a’ and ‘an’.

English always spells ‘the’ as ‘t-h-e’ even though it is most often pronounced as ‘tha’.

WEnglish distinguishes its spelling exactly as our articles ‘a’, and ‘an’ are used so that ‘tha’ precedes consonants and ‘the’ precedes vowel words.

Tha Chicken

The Egg

These are primary aspects of WEnglish although there are others. Ultimately, it’s a question of giving equality to men and wimin.

Vivian hopes that her concept of an inclusively balanced English will spread and give wimin a way to honor and recognize their separate, independent and equal existence, embracing their power and contribution to life while honoring and recognizing men in an equal way.

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