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Some of you are already aware that English is a ‘man’s’ language because it contains thousands of words that prefer men.

We like men; we also believe it’s time for the world’s most commonly used language to have some words for those of us who aren’t men, and we’ve come up with a simple way to do that.
We hope you’ll join us on our amazing journey to make English inclusive.



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MEOLOGY 101: The Crucial Study of Yourself

Lesson 1: The Importance of Listening to Your Life

Hi there! I’m author Vivian Ruth Probst and I hope you’re enjoying your life today. I’m in my 70th year here on planet Earth, where most of my adult life has been spent teaching complex tax and housing regulations around the country (I can tell you’re thrilled).

On March 10, 2000, fictional stories began to come to me, usually as I was dealing with a life issue I couldn’t resolve, no matter what I tried to do about it. What I mean by ‘come to me’ was usually a dream or an image that intrigued me enough to want to pursue it.

The challenges that became stories included unresolvable financial problems, aching weariness, illness, unresolved trauma, anger, living to please others and so on. Once a story starts to show up, I’ve learned to simply watch, listen, and write down what comes to me. The beauty of this process is that while I’ve had to write through some sad and scary parts, in the end I’ve always received a life-changing, up-lifting message that I needed to learn in order to live a more wonderful life. And since it’s all been fiction, I haven’t had to take anything but the message personally.

I’ve also learned to ask one important question whenever I face a challenge.

“What is the best thing I can do about this right now?"

Then I get quiet and listen for an answer that sounds and feels good to me. Often these are creative ideas that simply ‘pop in’ as I observe what’s happening around me, or something I’m tempted to follow in my dreams.

Questions can be HUGE, like ‘Life, what is my purpose here?’ Or small, like ‘Life, what’s the best thing for me to do for my friend right now? What would I really like to wear to that event? Where should I get my hair cut?’ Each of us has great wisdom living inside us. It will respond if we ask, but it won’t force us to ask or take over the reigns of our lives.

I’ve learned to listen, most times, and enjoy the journey!


Vivian Probst is the creator of Intention Fiction, a genre she’s designed to support us as we journey through life. She’s has been writing for over twenty years. Visit her website:; find her works in ebook format or in print on-line.

Now available in print and ebook versions:

Book One: The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was (Avery Victoria Spencer suffers a trauma that robs her of her memory and takes a dream journey to begin to remember who she is. Her husband shows up to see if he can become part of her life again even if she doesn’t remember him).

Book Two: The Woman Who Fell Out of Fear (Avery Victoria Spencer is under pressure to perform as the socially adept and talented bank president she is, but since her first journey into her dream world, can’t get back into her crazy, demanding life. She goes on a second dream journey to find the energy she believes she left behind and finds herself attracted to George Robert Logan, her forgotten husband)

Available as an e-book; Print version coming in March 2022

Book Three: The Woman Who Found Her Fire (Avery Victoria Spencer and George Robert Logan fall in love but can’t express it to each other. Both take journeys to find themselves and the love they know they fell for each other.)

Book Four: The Woman Who Remembered Herself (Avery Victoria Spencer goes to London to work with George’s family’s failing business. Through a bizarre incident she remembers her past trauma and wants to run away from her past.

Book Five: The Woman Who Chose (Avery Victoria Spencer wants to die rather than face what she now knows. In a tragic accident she hovers between life and death where both sides tempt her to choose one of the other. Both have consequences but Avery must choose her destiny.


Meet Avery Victoria Spencer and George Robert Logan as both travel through time and ethereal realms, having once found and loved each other, lost through tragedy, but still reaching out through a cosmos of dreams and memories that give them clues–a map to their lost treasure of love.

Imagine that you, like Avery, have experienced deep and true love but trauma has robbed you of your memory of it.

Imagine that you, like George, remember it in exquisite detail and, most of all, believe it’s still possible to rediscover even if your wife doesn’t remember who you are.

Travel with Avery and George as both are drawn back to each other; ache with them as painful memories return and death feels like a friend. Is it? To love so deeply; to forget; to remember–to fill in the blanks and to choose. To know such love!

Avery says: “Who is this man that I’m drawn to? I’ve never felt such love before and while it scares me, it entices and enchants me. I can tell he adores me even though there’s so much I don’t know about him–like why he came to Waukesha, Wisconsin from London, England, to where I live; why he set up a shop downtown that mirrors my specific taste in decorating; and how perfect his timing was to assist me with my home remodeling. He shows up in my dreams and most of all, he loves me. What’s going on? Am I living in two worlds?”

George says: “I’ve tried and failed to find any other woman who draws me like my wife, Avery Victoria Spencer Logan. She doesn’t remember me because of the accident that robbed her of her memory, but I love her. All I want now is to be hers again. If she can fall in love with me now, I can move on. With her by my side, we can do anything. Yes, it scares me that her memory may return, but if it does, I must be there!”

The Avery Victoria Spencer Series is a five book saga. Books One, Two and Three are available as ebooks and in print wherever books are sold. Book Four is nearly complete; Book Five should be out by summer 2022. Indulge in true love this Valentine’s Day! Say ‘I DO’ to your partner every morning, even if you don’t quite feel like it. Give him/her a genuine word of praise and watch what happens!

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