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Deck the Halls with WEnglish Books!

Are tha holidays really here? I’m so not ready. How about you? Are you one of those wonderfully organized people (like my daughter) who has everything planned and taken care of (even with a busy family and a very non-stop job)? If you are, I applaud you. My style is more-ummm-intuitive (that’s a nice word for ‘when I think of it, I sometimes remember to do it,’ although on my way from point A to point B, it can be derailed)!

However, here’s breaking news from LifeMark Press! Book Four is in print in WEnglish! YES! All four Avery Victoria Spencer Fable books are now available as ebooks in WEnglish and in print at prices that make great holiday gifts! Might these fit in an avid fiction reader’s stocking–someone who wants less ‘man words’ in English? Perhaps your own? See each book cover with brief details below and click on its link to order.

As you know, reviews are tha name of tha game in today’s book world, so if you want to make an author’s holiday very cheery, post your opinion on any book review sight. GoodReads is a great option, works well too.

Of course, religious holidays like Christmas aren’t about gifts; they’re about spreading peace and goodwill. We at LifeMark Press hope you will be with those you love and, of course, books to read on cozy winter evenings.

To merry, bright days and silent nights,

Vivian Probst & team

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