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Dreaming Big, Grateful Always.

When I began writing the Avery Victoria Spencer fables (over 22 years ago) I had no idea that Book One was only the beginning. Now, as I get Book Four ready for final edits, I think the series is complete, but I also know that nothing is ever really finished in a work of art. Being done is a decision; a conscious choice. I’ve edited each of my books so often that my husband laughs if I tell him a book is in final edit. I understand why he doesn’t believe me—and he’s not the only one.

I am privileged to have a small group of people who support, encourage, and advise me. Calling any of these wonderful people when a plot line changes or I get an idea for another twist, is very difficult for me because I can imagine what they say behind my back.

What? Another character? Another plot trail to intertwine? She’s crazy!

But my team sticks with me and I’m so grateful!

To our mutual credit, I’ve completed one novel and three of the four books in my current series are in print. So I’m not stuck, per se, but I understand that no one else can finish a book for the writer, just like no one can finish a song, a poem, a painting, a sculpture, or an architectural work. But maybe someone else can help the creator stop..

Right now, I can’t imagine being done with all of it.

Will I get up from my desk one day and say, ‘No more?’

Will I ever feel that I’ve finished my work?

What about you?

Perhaps that’s as it should be. Each of us is a work of art; every day adds another piece to our own life stories. The only thing that matters to me is to make sure I make a positive difference to the lives of others every day. I like to imagine someone going home and saying,

“I met Vivian Probst today and you know what? WOW! She lifted my spirits!”

I’d like to make that kind of a difference to others. I’ll bet you would too!

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