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Happy International Women's Day!

It’s International Women’s Day and around the world, people are celebrating. I want to do more than celebrate—I want to change how we perceive women and their roles. If you agree that it’s time for an upgrade, read on.

One simple way to achieve that is by changing spelling of a few words in English. Did you know English is now our world’s most popular language? Everyone is learning to speak it. At the same time, English is hard on those of us who aren’t men. In fact, we can’t even speak of ourselves without using ‘man’ words.

Think about it: woman, women, female, she, her, lady…can you see how attached our words are to men? Did you know that most other languages use completely different words for ‘man’ and ‘woman’? I think English ought to do the same thing, don’t you?

My current fictional series, The Avery Victoria Spencer Fables, is written in both English and an inclusive form of English I’m calling WEnglish™.

Hey, we’ve had the right to vote for over 100 years now. Isn’t it time we had a few words of our own to describe ourselves?

If you’d like to see how my team is fixing English to be kinder to our gender, check out my website,, and click on the WEnglish™ tab.

Vivian Probst

P.S. Book Four of the Avery Victoria Spencer Fables is in the edit phase. Could it be the last one? Or is there more to come? Stay tuned at

Next blog: Choosing a novel location for a novel series.

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