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Location Magic

Oh, la la! Sometimes a location setting for a fictional work leads us down a path we never knew we were on. I’ve already shared about finding Glenaag Castle in Scotland. Now, I’ve found new and exciting information about a location I had imagined for my Avery Victoria Fable series. Love the internet! Love the magic!

In Book Four, titled, ‘The Woman Who Remembered’ our heroine is in London, working with the Logan family to see if she can restore their business.

It JUST SO HAPPENS that I selected Holland Park in London for their townhouse location and decided that their fictional family business (Logan Press, a mostly defunct publishing company) was/is in old London.

Yesterday I was working on details, like describing how to get to Old London from Holland Park. (Thank you Google Maps). Once I saw the route, which is only six miles long and 37 minutes to drive (in 2020), I expanded to see what streets and buildings are around the area.

Are you ready? I found Theobalds Road! My heart skipped a beat because my last name before I married was Theobald! OMG! Imagine such an unusual name showing up while you’re studying details about a location you’re writing about. Has that even happened to you? Isn’t it magical?

I felt a little dizzy and lightheaded as if I was sort of transported to a different world. What I get is that it’s encouraging, when one is writing works of fiction, to get a little ‘buzz’ as if to say, you’re on the right path. Keep going!

Please share any similar experiences with me.

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