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Scotland Dreamin'

Did you see it? OMG! There’s nothing like finding a real place after you’ve imagined in your mind. WOW! Whether or not you looked for it, it’s Glenaag Castle in Scotland. And it’s now a hotel!

All those years I was working on Book Four, imagining George and Avery in a Scottish castle—George called it Logan Manor--and voila! As Avery says when she first sees it, “George, that’s not a house; that’s a castle!”

This year I will celebrate my 70th birthday and guess where I’d like to be when I do? Can you imagine? Birthday in a castle? Follow my book and birthday journeys. Anything is possible.

George has spent twenty years hoping to reconnect with Avery, even if she’s forgotten who he is. What will happen next? Will she ever remember who he is to her, and if she does, how will she handle it?

How I love my writing life!

Vivian Probst

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