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At last? Credit where credit is due!

You might have seen our recent post of the ‘Brilliance Gallery’, artwork by Caroline Criado

Perez, a humorous but stern cartoon about leaving brilliant wimin* out of our worldview.

Sad but true, we are generally invisible. If you don’t think that’s true, pick up a copy of ‘INVISIBLE WOMEN

by Caroline Criado Perez. I’d add that our world is designed ‘by men, for men’ but I think we generally get it. It’s been a man’s world for far too long. (Insert Book cover)

But what to do about it? Can we really make our world more inclusive? More equal? You bet! Oh, there’s so much going on to equalize our two sexes (most people use tha word ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ but when it comes to equality, we simply must acknowledge that those scales have been tipped toward men and it’s time to bring wimin in to balance it. Even men are on board.

Did you know The United Nations has created a ‘HeforShe’ campaign (started in 2014) that invites men (world and large corporate leaders) to join forces to acknowledge our amazing contributions without which our world would be a much different place?

Did you know wimin played a major role in winning WWII because, behind tha* scenes (as was sadly normal), besides all the other marvelous tasks we undertook, we also handled code breaking so that our fighters could know what military plans our enemies were making? Men got the credit and yes, it was earned, but we were right there, lots of us, deciphering messages that affected the outcome. If you want to know more, read ‘The Woman Who Smashed Codes’ about Elizabeth Smith Freidman, by Jason Fagone.

Now the U.S. Post Office has a stamp labeled WOMEN CRYPTOLOGISTS OF WORLD WAR II. Feel free to buy lots because it’s so important to acknowledge.

Of course we also now know about those amazing wimin in the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ and tha critical role they played in spite of outright discrimination against them. Truly ‘wonder wimin’! There’s information coming out from all over about true geniuses who were ‘wimin and hidden’. Can you feel our world tipping ever so slightly into equality? Expect more to come and…now it’s time to take on our English language which is highly masculine.

Coming soon (we hope), ‘Breaking the Bias of English’. If you’re on our e-mail list, you’ve been receiving content that will be in that book, we hope, by summer. Think English isn’t a man’s language? You might think differently after reading our posts and that book! And it’s so easy to fix!

Really? Can we change tha world by changing a few words? Stay tuned, because YES WE CAN!

*Note how we’ve changed a few words to give wimin some of their own.

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