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‘Prose’ by any other name is still ‘Prose’

Creating a blog post title was fun! My last name is Probst and ‘Probst Prose’ sounds a bit catchy, don’t you think? Just don’t try to say it too fast because your mouth won’t be able to keep up. I also like that ‘prose’ has ‘rose’ in it which celebrates my award-winning novel, ‘Death by Roses’.

But people keep asking me what ‘prose’ is because it’s not a commonly used word (which shocked my linguistic self). My social media director hadn’t heard it before, so I decided it’s time to reveal! Voila! Here’s a Probst blog post about ‘prose’. I hope it makes sense because I’d like to keep my blog title.

According to tha* Merriam-Webster dictionary, prose is “the ordinary language people use in speaking or writing.” Pretty basic. Anything we say or write is considered prose unless it rhymes, like a poem.

Yes, ‘prose’ is an old word that has fallen into disuse, but it’s still ‘valid’ as my young assistant assures me.

Bye for now.

Vivian Probst

*Probst likes to write in what she calls ‘WEnglish’, an inclusive form of English that respects all gender preferences. To do that, she extracts approximately 30,000 unnecessary ‘man’ words from her writing. More at ‘THE” is our most common word in English. Probst takes ‘he’ out of ‘the’ and spells it as it is most commonly pronounced, THA.

Vivian Probst is an award-winning author. Her latest work, ‘The Woman Who Forgot Who She Was’ is a fictional five-book series (so far). Book One, subtitled ‘Dissolving Her Despair’ is available as an e-book and as a paperback book on Amazon. Book Two: ‘Waking From Her Weariness’ is expected to be released by April 30th. Probst is writing each book in both English and WEnglish™, her linguistic attempt to make English more gender inclusive for all. More at

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